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Friends and Compatriots

Many years ago, I found myself watching the film Ghostbusters at two in the afternoon on a Monday. One of the characters, Dr. Egon Spengler, declared, "Print is dead." I leapt from the couch and shouted, "Hogwash!" (Or I wanted to; I was too full from lunch.) Print is not dead. Print is alive and well and flourishing, thanks to the following very talented YA authors, who are not only brilliant but also fun to eat lunch with. Read their books! You won't be disappointed.

Jodi Anderson
Holly Black
Coe Booth
Ann Brashares
Libba Bray
Rachel Cohn
Liz Craft
Melissa de la Cruz
Helen Ellis
Aimee Friedman
Claudia Gabel
Michael Gerber
Judy Goldschmidt
John Green
Maureen Johnson
Kristen Kemp
Gordon Korman
Justine Larbalestier
Will Leitch
David Levithan
Sarah Littman
E. Lockhart
Carolyn MacCullough
Leslie Margolis
J. Minter
Sarah Mlynowski
Kate Morgenroth
Micol Ostow
Joy Preble
Margo Rabb
Natalie Standiford
Ned Vizzini
Cecily von Ziegesar
Adrienne Vrettos
Robin Wasserman
Lynn Weingarten
Scott Westerfeld
Jessica Wollman*

* Spouse, as well as friend/compatriot.

Poetry Speaks
Picture the Dead
Teen Fire

My Favorite Place In Brooklyn: 826NYC

Often when I read the amazing writing of people I dig (see Friends and Compatriots), I am consumed with rage and jealousy. The exception to this rule is the community of authors who meet in the back room of the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Store in Park Slope—none who are older than eighteen, and some who are as young as six. I kid you not. 826nyc is a hotbed of wild creativity, cutting-edge literature, top-notch journalism, playwriting, radio skits, film production, comics... the list goes on. Check it out

Other Pals and/or Organizations I Love/Appreciate/Applaud/Recommend

Behind the Book
Advocates for Youth
YA Books Central
Amnesty International
Youth Movement for Democracy
Posse Foundation
Teens 4 peace
Teen Ink
Peter Cunningham
Ari Gold
Paul Schneider
Amy Talkington
Merrill Feitell
Tillamook Cheddar
Magic Propaganda Mill
Velour Music
Antoine Silverman
Ta Ta For Now