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That’s Life, Samara Brooks

Is playing blackjack in the school cafeteria that bad? Samara Brooks doesn't think so. She isn't out to hurt anybody. She just wants to create some drama. And she does. Drama... and trouble. Before she knows it, Samara Brooks and two unlikely cohorts must solve a mysterious crime and maybe-just maybe-unlock the secrets of the universe.

Meet Me at the Boardwalk

Jade, Megan, and Miles are best friends who spend their summers working at the Clam Shack, making fun of the snooty tourists who invade Seashell Point. But this summer, everything's different. Jade has her house to herself (read: party central); Megan has a giant (and secret) crush on Miles-and there's also the possibility that their beloved boardwalk will be torn down. Will this summer be their last?

Half-Minute Horrors

I was lucky enough to participate in an amazing anthology with the likes of Neil Gaiman, Lemony Snicket, R.L. Stine, Jonathan Lethem, Libba Bray...the list goes on. Best of all, the proceeds go to First Book, an amazing non-profit that supplies books to kids in need. BUY THIS BOOK NOW. www.halfminutehorrors.com

Dirty Laundry

One Undercover Semi-Celebrity + One Antisocial Graffiti Artist = The Perfect Team to Solve a Kidnapping at a Boarding School.
Why not?
It's not like they're going to class.

10 Things to Do Before I Die

It's just a lark, a way to kill time in a New York City diner, when 16-year-old Ted Burger and his friends Mark and Nikki jot down a list of ten things Ted must do before he, one faraway day, kicks the bucket. It's all pie-in-the-sky stuff until Ted discovers...he actually IS dying.

ALA Quick Pick
New York Public Library Top Teen Read for 2004

Trust Falls (Wessex Papers #1)
Vol. 1

Alumni brat Sunday Winthrop and new student Fred Wright's pranks lead to their uncovering a sinister blackmail ring — one that will stop at nothing to incriminate one of their friends

2003 Edgar Award Winner for Best YA Novel

Fallout (Wessex Papers #2)
Vol. 2

Sunday and Fred discover more about the sinister conspiracy at Wessex. The blackmailers are getting desperate....and they're willing to turn to murder.

Outsmart (Wessex Papers #3)

In the satisfying conclusion Sunday and Fred pull off the scam of the century — and beat the blackmailers at their own game.

Friend Is Not a Verb

Henry "Hen" Birnbaum's life is a shambles. His girlfriend Petra both dumped him and fired him her band, PETRA. And on that same miserable rainy night Hen's sister, Sarah, mysteriously returns home after having vanished for an entire year. Worse, Sarah won't tell him where she's been and why. The solution to all of Hen's problems? Become a rock star. (You'll have to read to find out exactly where this is all going...)

Pool Boys

Note from Daniel Ehrenhaft a.k.a. Erin Haft: There is nothing I can say that will possibly do this book justice other than it has outsold almost all of my previous books (Scholastic editions of The Last Dog on Earth and French versions of Countdown notwithstanding) by over 10,000 copies. I wish I were joking.

The Last Dog on Earth

Logan Moore hates everyone. The father who abandoned him. The stepfather who wants to control him. Kids who get in his face. Everyone. Except Jack. A mangy mutt that nobody wants. Except Logan. He doesn't care that Jack has already bitten three workers at the animal shelter or that she's ugly. She's the only one who doesn't want anything from him and that's enough for Logan.

2005 Lone Star Award Winner
2005 Mark Twain Award Nominee
Minnesota Young Reader Award Nominee 2007

The After Life

A dysfunctional trio of half-siblings comes together in the wake of their father's funeral; together they embark on a road trip that changes their lives forever.

NYPL Top Teen Read of 2007

Drawing a Blank

A boarding-school-junior/comic-book-artist sets off with a beautiful aspiring police officer to save his father, end a family feud, and avert a curse in this wacky romantic caper, which includes a complete graphic novel.

Tell It to Naomi

In a harebrained scheme concocted by his neurotic older sister to forge a romantic relationship with the girl of his dreams, fifteen-year-old Dave Rosen pretends to be a female advice columnist for his school newspaper.

21 Proms

This anthology is in stores! I never went to a prom, but somehow I finagled my way into co-editing this amazing anthology with David Levithan. The author line-up is pretty mind blowing. You must see and read for yourself to believe it. And all proceeds go the charity Advocates for Youth.