"Ugh." - Goodreads.com
"Awkward" - Publishers Weekly
"A poser" - Time Out New York for Kids
"Write[s] like a girl" - YA Books Central
"The equivalent of a fast food meal" - School Library Journal
"Guaranteed to piss off...every teen reader" - Kirkus Reviews
"His characters are so shallow and annoying, you want to... shake some sense into them." - Children's Literature


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1  "Improved" is a stretch. But there is some new stuff, like my wacky new books.

2  It's still the same old Edgar for the The Wessex Papers. Of note: the chipped ceramic bust of Edgar Allan Poe is no longer so handy for anything except clogging toilets.

3  I'm still only a bestseller in France, for Countdown (I still haven't translated this article from Phosphore either.) But I have high hopes for smaller countries, like Monaco or Singapore. Does Bermuda count?

4  The griblet isn't going anywhere any time soon. Lots of my infant son's food ends up in my beard. TMI?